Friday, February 15, 2008

That Funky Smell in the Washer

Have you ever went to stick your head in the washer, to pull out that last sock that's wrapped tight around the agitator? And when you did, did a smell so rank, so horrible that even Ripley's wouldn't dare try to describe it?

Well, I had the pleasure of that experience first thing this morning!

Talk about an eye-opener! That worked better/faster than any cup of Folger's could ever do!

Now......what's up with the smell?

Do you use liquid laundry detergent?

I read recently that that funky odor comes from your washer if you use liquid detergent all the time because the liquid detergent kind of acts like glue in your washer pipes, causing all the little deposits of dirt to just "stick" to the pipes, building up until..... Congratulations on your new smell!

How to get rid of it?

Use powdered detergent instead! The powder acts as a scrubber to your pipes and cleans out all that sludge!

Now, I have also heard that powdered detergent is not good for your septic system (if you are not one so blessed as to have access to a city sewer)....So....Here's my plan:

I am going to use one box of powdered detergent, then go back to the liquid. Get a box of Ridex, dump it down the toilet, and this should take care of the breaking up of the powder!

Now, when the smell comes along again....time for another box of powdered!

(Oh, and by the way....if you don't have Ridex at your disposal....dump a can of tomatoes down the toilet and flush! Sounds gross but it also works to create the bacteria your septic needs to work right!)

Any other tips on this? Let's hear 'em!

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