Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once-A-Month Cooking is Going Great!

Wow! Just having the menu planned out for a month has relieved so much stress!

No more do I hear that little voice in my head when I head for the fridge to feed the family.

Now, I just go check the menu to see what I have planned for right then!

Granted, I am lenient with the menu. If the kids or hubby want something different then what I have planned, I simply go in and move things around on the menu, so I still got the rest of the days covered.

If I made more in my "cooking for the month" spree than what I thought it would make, I just add to next month's menu....or better yet, two months down the road, as most frozen stuff can last at least 3 months in the freezer, if not longer!

On my daily cleaning list, I have gotten it almost downpat now, to where I make myself do all of it before I stop for anything else (especially all the "little jobs"). That way, if I am caught up on laundry and dishes already, morning chores shouldn't last more than an hour!

Then, if work doesn't call, I have the rest of the day to spend playing/teaching the kids!

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