Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Figured It Out! How My Mom's House Stayed so Clean!

After having my second, and remodeling/moving back into my parents' old house, it has left me wondering....HOW in the world did my mom's house stay so clean??? The most I can ever remember seeing her do was dust, do dishes, wash clothes, and can. Yet...did dust bunnies hide under her bed?? Absolutely NOT! Did windows look like a fog cloud had entered the house after a month? NO WAY!

So how did she do it??? I have thought and studied, studied and thought....and I have come to this conclusion....

The dirt was too scared to enter my mom's house!

I believe by the time I came along (I was a late-in-life that came along "on accident" after the others were all grown and most had kids of their own)...and I think somewhere during those years.......dirt learned to fear my mother!

That is why, even after a year without cleaning windows, they still looked spotless, why......even though a vacuum was rarely ran under a bed, no bunnies ever appeared! Dirt had learned during her lifetime that it was a losing battle to live in her house, because it would not get to stay long.

So, by the time I got there, word was out to every dust bunny, every dust mite, every smudge spot, every grease grime.....DO NOT enter that woman's house, because death awaits you there! So it just never bothered to come!

And that, my friend, is my conclusion!